Thank you to everyone who has followed us along the way and also to all the great people we met in our short time.  This trip has been a huge learning experience and a lot of fun. For the past year Grant, Sean & I have been attending IPR, the one thing they could not stress enough was networking. Going out and developing relationships with people to become the person that comes to mind when they need help. It is the only way to develop a career and from these past 2 weeks we have understood exactly why the people we met are in the positions that they are in today. Bob, Gerry, Jon, Scott, Daniel, Alex, Jeff, Robert, & Bruno were all great guys and were all very easy to talk to. Each one showed their willingness to help when meeting with a bunch of students from a small school in Minneapolis. This has been a great networking trip and will hopefully be the beginning of many more people to meet and insight to gain. On behalf of all of us in the Muffins Road Trip, thanks again.


Here is a song that we had worked on in our down time between meetings. We had a great time and will remember this trip forever. Thanks everyone, enjoy the song.

Platinum Muffins

On The Road Again

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