Robert Bennet Jr.

It always helps to know someone who knows someone, and I lucked out when my friend Eleanor Owens mentioned that she knew a composer out in L.A. a few months ago.  After contacting Robert Bennet Jr. online (technology these days) about our potential trip to L.A., he responded immediately and we setup a date when he could give us a tour of his new studio off of Hollywood Blvd.

It was a pleasure meeting Rob and composing partner and their new studio is coming together quickly.  Getting a glimpse at what it will become (it is still in the process of being built) Rob showed us around and talked all-things composing and working in the L.A. area.  It was a really interesting perspective as Rob got his start under the well-known Hans Zimmer (Rob also knows how to speak German) and made a lot of connections through that.  Hearing him talk about traveling to the different areas around the world to make orchestral works come to life, Rob’s passion for the world was really inspiring to me.  Also, the fact that he loves surfing, mountain climbing and back-packing through Asia shows he is a man that not only gets inspired by ideas, but through personal experiences. Check out his website where you can find all of the things he has been involved with:

Thank you to Rob for taking time out of his day for a few curious students and good luck to him with everything!


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