Gerry Lentz

Friday June 11th we toured the Universal Studios sound department in Los Angeles. I had found Gerry through imdb looking up the credits of the sound department of my favorite TV shows. Gerry is the sound re-recording mixer for House M.D which is how I found him. Gerry was kind enough to schedule a day for all of us to stop by and see a major studio. We first met with sound re-recording mixer Jon Taylor, dialogue editor Daniel Irwin, and supervising sound editor Scott Gershin working on Charlie St. Cloud. They were kind enough to nerd out with us a bit talking about the Pro Tools system, the Harrison console and a little about what they do. Daniel even pulled up an old session The Mummy 3 to show us how the session is set up and soloed up individual elements to get an idea off all the contributing sounds that make up of a scene. After leaving that sound stage, Gerry brought us next door to see the major motion picture sound stage (Picture shown above) where 300, and many other major films were mixed on. It was amazing to see that large of a room and such a privilege. Last but not least Gerry brought us to his studio where he showed us a scene from Heroes and pulled up the session so we could see what plug-ins he favors and mixing techniques he uses that earned him a 2009 Emmy award for House M.D. Outstanding Sound Mixing For a Comedy or Drama Series (one hour). Being able to see an award winning sound re-recording mixer work and ask questions about his work flow was a experience that made my year and really got me excited to work my way up to someday be a award winning sound re-recording mixer as well.

Thank you again Gerry for giving us the honor of a behind the scenes tour of a professional audio mixer.


IMDB Crdits

Gerry Lentz  IMDB Page

Jon Taylor IMDB Page

Scott Gershin IMDB Page

Daniel Irwin IMDB Page

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