Bruno Coon

The final day in Los Angeles proved to be just as successful as the others.  Contacting Bruno Coon a few days prior and completely thinking there would be no shot we would be able to catch him while we were there, I was pleasantly surprised when he responded right away and suggested we get coffee for a few hours.

Bruno Coon is a well-established music editor and composer and has had success with his roles in movies like Toy Story 3, Leatherheads, Cars, Meet the Fockers, Seabiscuit, Saving Silverman, Wall-E, and on and on.  He mentioned that he first got his big break when seeking a mentorship with Randy Newman, and his first big movie was “A Bug’s Life” where he played the role of Associate Music Editor.  Check out many of the projects he has been involved with:

What is amazing to me with not only Bruno but with everyone we have met on this trip is how welcoming and kind people have been to students who have no credibility yet and who are just trying to find there way into the industry.  Bruno could have easily ignored my first message but instead went out of his way to meet with us and talk about his life and business experiences.  This is something that happened to him as well with Randy Newman and something that if I ever get an opportunity to be in their shoes, I will pass on as well.  It is a tough business to break into, but a business I am passionate about and with the help of networking and catching people on a good day, who knows what can happen.

Thank you to Bruno for a great conversation, it really is an honor to meet with someone who has had the success that you have.  Best of luck to you with “True Blood” as well as your next movie (and your next gig with your band).  Thank you!


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