Jeff Horowitz

In our first quarter at IPR we were told a story by one of our instructors, Steve Hodge, about a young man named Jeff. This Jeff that he talked about eventually became Rick Ruben’s “right hand man.” I had never thought that I would get the chance to meet him, let alone sit down and have a few drinks with him. Jeff gave us a more detailed version of his story and it seemed that his success was due to his hard-working attitude and a little help from Steve. But even without Hodge, Jeff was determined to succeed and pursue whatever he wanted. His story is very inspiring to me because he wanted something and he went out and got it. Many people think that this business is so mysterious and unforgiving, but if you really take the time to invest in your career and develop meaningful relationships with other like-minded professionals than it is certainly possible that you could end up where Jeff is today. One of the main points that he made when talking to us about his career was that you can be the best engineer or producer in the world, but if you can’t work with someone then that doesn’t mean a thing. You have to be able to adjust to different environments and different people. In many situations you might be working with someone who has a difficult personality and you will be stuck with them in a room for hours and hours on end. In order to make it work you must learn to get along with them or else you will be out of a job. It is easy to see why Jeff became so successful after talking to him for just a couple of hours. He is someone that you could be stuck in a studio for days on end and develop a friendship with, and I think that is more important than just trying to get through a job with someone. I want to thank Jeff once again on behalf of our road trip crew, and we hope to see him again soon.


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