Alex Oana

What can we say? Nothing is more enjoyable than spending lunch getting to know an industry professional like Alex Oana.  Alex has had an interesting journey to where he is now, and we all learned a lot from his experiences.  Currently working at Vintage King Audio, the premier audio resource for vintage gear along with any and everything plug-in and software related, Alex is busy talking with customers about all-things audio, something he is extremely passionate about.  Not only does Alex work for Vintage King, but also writes for Pro Audio Review.  Check his latest article:

On top of all of that, Alex still manages to find time for mixing and mastering, and for his young children and being a father.  Alex has won Producer of the Year countless times in Minnesota, and in my opinion is one of the best out there.  Check out his website:

Amazingly enough, he is one of the “chillest” people I have met.  The biggest things I was able to take away from Alex was his perspective on one’s career, the battle between finding a career you love, finding a career that supports doing what you love, and finding what in life drives you.  We are all pressed with the challenges, and he offerered an interesting view on his career, his journey from Minnesota to Los Angeles, networking in L.A., the different sections of the city, and both the positives and negatives in doing what we do.  It was very eye-opening for me and it was great to get that perspective on living and working out in L.A.

Thanks again to Alex for letting four young students from Minnesota come and chat for a few hours!  It was a pleasure!


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