Bob Demaa

Hello from Cali!

Last Thursday was awesome as we met for lunch with Bob Demaa in Santa Monica.  He chose Buddha’s Belly (which was also awesome) and we met him for a few hours to talk about all that he does and his experiences in the business.  Bob was super easy to talk to and allowed us to get a glimpse at living and working in the area as well as combining our passion (nerding out to audio software) with making money.  IT IS POSSIBLE!  Bob has had a unique journey to get where he is today, including working for ten years in Minnesota (and for a while at the famous Pachyderm studios in Cannon Falls).  He has had success as a mixing Engineer and you can check out his “stats” by clicking the link below:

He is currently working in the commercial music field in Santa Monica, working on the audio for many of the General Mills commercials and trying to find time to enjoy  little xbox as well.

One of the biggest things I learned from Bob was to be open minded about the future and to always say YES! to opportunities that may arise.  Even if you are not necessarily the most fit for the job, it is important to use your resources and learn the most you can so that you can produce the best product you can create for the client.  It was also awesome talking to Bob about Logic Pro and about his favorite plug-ins (he loves the Universal Audio plug-ins) as well as the Native Instruments Komplete virtual instrument collection.

Overall it was an amazing day and great to meet someone in the industry who lives out here in California.  That’s all for now!


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